About us

Who is Alffred?

Alffred is your facilitator. He can be your private concierge, your event manager, your real estate advisor, and your business consultant. He has access to the right resources to find solutions that are adapted to your needs. By providing impeccable service, he contributes to the development of the hospitality industry and helps open up new potential markets.

Alffred's way : Tailor-Made

Everyone is different, so everything we do is designed to fit our clients’ preferences. Our goal is to understand the different needs and adapt to any request. We strive to maintain a close professional relationship with all our partners to make sure they are able to deliver the services needed to satisfy our demanding clientele. From simple requests to complex missions, it is our objective to ensure that every service provided is custom-made for each of our clients.

Alffred's Family

Coming from different cultural backgrounds, we are able to quickly adapt to our clients’ needs by understanding who they are. From business strategy to hospitality management, each set of skills is put together to form a solid base and provide our clients with various solutions. Our combined experiences in hotels around the US and Europe gave us the opportunity to widen our network and do everything in our power to exceed client satisfaction.

Alffred's values


We are passionate about our work. We spread that passion to our clients and partners by showing that we take a lot of pride and pleasure in doing what we do best: tailor-made services.


We carefully build our relationships to ensure that all parties stay loyal to each other. We work with providers that share the same vision as us, and this shows our clients that they can trust us in any situation.

Client Relationship

We focus on establishing strong connections with our clients by staying close to them. We are available anytime of the day, respond to requests in a timely manner and assist them with whatever they may need.


As we highly value the intimacy of our clients, we believe in respecting their privacy by keeping all our relationships within Alffred.